Annotating Grades on Plan Sheets (ORD) - GG2201

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The following workflow shall be used to annotate Grades using OpenRoads Designer (ORD) and the Civil Labeler. This process can be adapted for use in other software and environments at the users discretion.

Through this workflow, the user will annotate grades along features, such as edges of pavement and ditches, using the Civil Labeler tool in ORD. As part of this workflow, the following recommendations, background information and definitions are provided for clarity:

In general, it is recommended that all plan sheet annotation be performed within Drawing Models. No annotation should be performed with Sheet Models.

In certain instances it may be beneficial to perform annotation within the Design Model, such as with Alignments ! Alignment: Any Horizontal or Vertical Civil Ruled linear element.
that span multiple Named Boundaries or Baselines ! Baseline: Stationed Alignment used for Construction.
. This may be utilized at the users discretion.

In order to adhere to the DelDOT CADD Standards for Text Rotation, it may be necessary to generate Annotation Sections ! Annotation Section: A segment of an Alignment where text display can vary by Orientation or Interval.
that are civil ruled to the original feature to be annotated. Each Annotation Section will correspond to a separate Civil Labeler style. For example, a long curb run could have four separate Annotation Sections:

  • A long tangent section labeled at 50' intervals.
  • One section of a curve to be labeled at 10' intervals with text oriented left.
  • Another section of the curve to be labeled at 10' intervals with the text oriented right.
  • The remainder of the curb to be labeled at 50' intervals.
GG 001 01 03.png

Note: In the above example, the colors have been altered for illustrative purposes.
Note: In the above example, the green Annotation Section goes from left to right beginning at the Point of Curvature (PC) and ends at the nearest 10' interval before the change in text direction. Note: ORD annotation has been setup with specific rules in relation to the alignment and should not be rotated, even if this directly conflicts with the CADD manual. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to

Please see Displaying Information on Grades and Geometrics for additional annotation information.

Grades and Geometrics Plan Annotation

This workflow requires the following:

  • Each Feature to be annotated is positionally correct horizontally.
  • Each Feature to be annotated is civil ruled. This allows for automatic updates as adjustments are made.
  • Each Feature to be annotated has an active and continuous vertical alignment.

1. Create Civil Ruled features for Annotation

Note: When creating the DGN for the following steps, it is recommended that you use the GG Sheet Type and the DelDOT_Seed2D_th seed.

1.1 Open the Feature Definition Toolbar located under the OpenRoads Modeling Workflow > Geometry Tab > General Tools Group > Standards Drop Down.

Note: This toolbar is utilized extensively and it is recommend that it be permanentally docked within ORD.

1.2 Select Geometry_Labeling Feature Definition located under Linear > Grades. ! Additional Feature Definitions have been provided as an organizational aid to the Designer.

Note: Make sure you have the Use Active Feature Definition and Create 3D Automatically buttons toggled. They will have a blue background when toggled.

GG 001 01 01.png

1.3 Click the Single Offset Partial tool located under the OpenRoads Modeling Workflow > Geometry Tab > Horizontal Group > Offsets and Tapers Drop Down.

GG 001 01 02.png

1.4 Select the Alignment to be annotated and set Offset to zero.

GG 001 01 04.png

Note: By setting the Offset to zero and having Create 3D Automatically toggled, ORD will create Civil Ruled Features that will change dynamically when the underlying Corridor changes.

1.5 Enter or choose the Start Distance and End Distance and Data to accept.

Note: The Start Distance and End Distance should corrispond to the Annotation Sections mentioned at the beginning of this section.

1.6 Repeat steps 1.3 to 1.5 as necessary.

2. Annotate Alignments

It is recommend that the following be done within the appropraite Drawing Model of your Reference Composition file. Please refer to the Plan Production Guidelines - PL2101 for more information.

Note: By annotating in a Drawing Model, if your Alignment exceeds the bounds of the Named Boundary the Annotations may exceed the clipped area referenced into the Drawing Model requiring manual cleanup.

2.1 Select ORD Grade Tick Marks - File Prep under the OpenRoads Modeling Workflow > DelDOT Tab > Grades and Geometrics Group. This will create a line at the 0,0 location in your file to prepare it for identifying special ORD elements that will be labeled. Please do not manually delete this element. The full process, when completesd, will automatically delete this line.

GG 2201 06.png

2.2 Select Civil Labeler under the OpenRoads Modeling Workflow > Drawing Production Tab > Labels Group. ! It is recommended that you close the Civil Labeler when switching between Models.

RW 002 03 04.png

2.3 Select the appropriate Style located under Civil Labels > Plan - Linear > Grades and Geometrics.

GG 001 01 05.png

2.4 Pavt Grade - Turnouts (10FT):

2.4.1 Select the appropraite Label Style and hit Place.

2.4.2 Select the Civil Ruled Feature to be labeled and Left-click to accept.

2.5 Pavt Grade - SuperElev (25FT) and Pavt Grade - Tangents (50FT):

2.5.1 Select the appropraite Label Style and hit Place.

2.5.2 Select the Civil Ruled Feature to be labeled.

2.5.3 Select the Baseline that will dictate the stationing Left-click to accept.

2.6 Repeat the above as necessary.

2.7 Select ORD Grade Tick Marks - Placement under the OpenRoads Modeling Workflow > DelDOT Tab > Grades and Geometrics Group. This will create a tick mark at each grade location in your file. It will also clean the temporary line that was generated at step 2.1.

GG 2201 07.png

Note - if you are having issues where the tick marks are not displaying perpendicular to the element you are displaying grades for, then you more than likely have a DGN angle setting incorrect for the file you are trying to annotate.

The error:

GG 2201 08.png

The current approved DGN Angle setting:

GG 2201 09.png

After changing the DGN angle setting for the file, just complete instruction 2.7 again to get the tick marks rotated correctly. If you are still having issues, please reach out to for assistance.