Creating the "Index of Sheets" Table - IS2001

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The following workflow shall be utilized when creating the Index of Sheets Table to be displayed on the Index of Sheets sheet within the Construction Plan set.

IS 001 Index of Sheets Table.png

Index of Sheets Import Creator File

  1. Download the "Index_of_Sheets_Import_Creator.xslm" workbook file.
  2. Open the "Index_of_Sheets_Import_Creator.xlsm" workbook file and select the appropriate worksheet tab from the bottom of the workbook.
    [Note: If prompted with a "Macro-Enabled" message, enable the macros feature for this file.]
    • Road_IS is to be used for Highway projects.
    • Road_IS_Import gets populated after running the "Road_IS_Import_Creator" macro.
    • Bridge_IS is to be used for Bridge projects.
    • Bridge_IS_Import gets populated after running the "Bridge_IS_Import_Creator" macro.
  3. Place a lowercase "x" in the "Display" column to indicate the sheet(s) you want to include in the Index of Sheets Table.
  4. Add the appropriate sheet numbers in the "Sheet No(s)" column for each sheet type that is to be included in the Index of Sheets Table.
  5. Select the "Road_IS_Import_Creator" or "Bridge_IS_Import_Creator" macro button, to populate the "Road_IS_Import" or "Bridge_IS_Import" worksheet tabs.
  6. Save this file and exit the Microsoft Excel application.

Placing the Index of Sheets Table Inside of MicroStation

  1. Open the appropriately named "Index of Sheets" design file in MicroStation Connect Edition (MSCE)
  2. Select the "Place Table" command found under the Drawing > Annotate > Tables ribbon group.
    IS 002 Place Table Command.png
  3. In the "Place Table" dialog, choose the following selections:
    IS 003 Place Table Dialog.png
    • Select the "From File" icon, which is the last one on right.
    • Seed - select the "All DelDOT - Index of Sheets" option.
    • Ensure that the "Annotation Lock" is enabled.
    • Active Angle - leave set to 0.0000 degrees, unless you have a rotated sheet border.
    • File Name - select the ellipsis button (...), and browse to the file you created in step 5 above.
    • In the Select Cells" dialog that appears, be sure to select the appropriate worksheet (Road_IS_Import or Bridge_IS_Import), and verify that Range is set to Automatic.
    • Contains Title Row - toggled off.
    • Contains Header Row - toggled off.
    • Retain Association - toggled on.
  4. Place the table that gets generated in the appropriate location on the Index of Sheets sheet.